How to be?

Hi friends!
I am new user in codecanyon, my uploaded javascript items were rejected by Review team, but they were fully ready for use.
Any help would be useful for me.

What was the reason for rejection?

“” item does not provide the necessary design and code quality for this category.""
my item has nice design and I don’t want to change it. What is mean necessary design? I dont know!

Link to a demo?

These modal windows (video);71611

It is hard to tell without seeing the code to see if there are issues there but generally I see what the reviewer is saying.

I assume it works responsively as it should?

If you look at other modal scripts etc (recent/decent ones) for sale here then they have multiple formats e.g. not just text but videos, galleries, iframes and so on.

In terms of what’s in the video - I don’t know how you are triggering them but it should demo form a button, from an image, from text etc. and the colours/typography in your demos are not great

As I understand, only great items.