why my item rejected

my item got rejected , please help .
i have upload this item Diffrent effect using CSS only
but email received -

[CodeCanyon] Your item, Floating buttons using css3 and html5, has been rejected

" I apologize that your submission did not meet the technical quality requirements for the category it was submitted to. I would suggest taking some time to review our current library and the quality standards of popular items before resubmitting in the future. "

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As a start, demo page is not loading

Hard to tell from the broken demo but the concept is not typically something suitable as there are thousands of these available for free online

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what should i do, can i upload lightweight image file, why envato/codecanyon not clearly saying these are error found ,
they simply saying rejected due to technical quality . their documentation not so much clear. people putting so much effort to make something .
i think typing one line perfect reason in mail , is not so much hard work .

i think feedback should exact in mail.