Rejections, Rejections and Rejections again :(

Hello my item was rejected third time.
I think it is unique and there is no same thing.
Please, can anyone tell what wrong with item?
Here is my Demo URL: oops :frowning:

Hi Bro,

I think some improvement can be made in design.

It could be a design that suits the user experience.

Never give up.

Envato cares about quality.

Hope you can do better.



Hi, Bro
i am very happy for your answer.
You talk about design of table which append after form submit or design of Demo in total?
Thank you very much for feedback :slight_smile:
And how do you think maybe there are problem with JS ?

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Think of it as a whole design.

It is useful to consider the design in general.

Buttons, text styles, spaces, etc.

For example;

Design could be more stylish.

For example;





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THank you very much Bro!!!
i will try do it better.
You are the best!!!

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Thank you Bro :hugs: :+1:

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The quality under all points is not enough:

You can not create a plugin with just 1 very small feature: inputs history, this is not a plugin but a few lines of js code. It is easiest and faster to write these few lines of code manually that use your plugin.

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Thank you for your attention.
But my script was in hidden items and they want demo from me.
After i created the demo i got hard rejection :frowning: