Item Hard rejected ! Your thoughts on this!?

Hi there, I submitted an item 2 days ago but its hard rejected 5th hard rejection now !
Can someone give me feedback on this item?

Please check your link, it is not working for me. At the same time, you should try to avoid using free hosts like that. 000webhostapp is blocked by my ISP.

Scratch that, it’s just my ISP being stubborn.

What exactly is your item? Looks very simple. Design is not that great, for example there’s inconsistency in spacing and margins, simple animation, etc. All of this matters in the CSS category.

Make sure you’re not using JavaScript for a CSS item. If it is using JS, then it goes in the JS category.

You should look at similar items and see how they did their designs.

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I used a bit of Js. Can i resubmit it in js category?

You certainly can, but you’ll want to improve the design first. Simple items do not get accepted into CSS/JS categories, they must be very high quality in code and design.

I’m not a designer so I can’t offer the best advice on where you can improve; maybe someone else can chime in for that.

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Thank you so much for your time and kind words. I’ll resubmit it with imrovements.

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