My HTML Item Hard Rejected! What is wrong? Please Help.


I submitted my first item here related to HTML/CSS template and after 9 days of waiting and big hope, I got Hard Rejection. Can you please help me what is wrong with my item? As I already developed 4 more items which is in pipeline and going to uploading soon here. But after hard rejection I am little bit scared.

Any suggestion what improvements I need? Would really appreciated your help or suggestions.


Design-wise not good enough. For this kind of template to get accepted, the design would need to be top-notch and unique in multiple sections. It’s hard to say as I haven’t been active for some time, but I don’t think you can polish this to get accepted.

How can you develop 4-5 items at the same time? Focus on one, and make something special that would get sales, not just get accepted.



Thank You Maartin, I really appreciate your reply. Okay I will look and improve designs in my next upload.


As @maartin said its not good design wise, I am not a professional web designer so use my advice in a way that you feel useful.

  • Get rid of the logo, make something simple, yet beautiful to look at.
  • Overall spacing problem.
  • Site needs to be optimized for images and UX.
  • You have applied the animation on every element on the page that is very bad. Think if the visitor is no a slow speed bandwidth connection he will have an awful experience.