How the hell do I talk to tech support to turn my account back on?

I bought a terrible after Effect template and my accountant charged back envato from paypal.
They shut down my account. I have wordpress templates that I manage from that account.

Turn my account back on. I reversed the change back from paypal. This is no way to do business. I will be looking for another company to do business with.

I can’t find and email or anything unless I call Australia.

Have you tried to contact support?

Use the link @ki-themes provided and support will be able to help you out.

It’s standard practice for accounts to be frozen when chargebacks occur rather than following the refund policy with envato as a security measure to prevent fraud.

Indeed. Getting a product and then canceling the transaction is called fraud, or theft. Of course they were going to lock your account, what did you think was going to happen?

What about all the other products I have purchased?

James Daugherty


San Diego Final Cut Pro User Group

I don’t think you realize the gravity of what you’ve done, Mr President. A fraud will terminate your account here, but may also land you in trouble with Paypal as well as potentially having legal consequences.