Manual Payment after Locked Out

I had a problem with the trick Envato market ad and bought the service that doesn’t delivery what promises. After saw the trap, I googled and discovered dozen of people complaining about the same thing so I suspended the payment at PayPal. For my surprise all was solve really fast and the case was closed end life goes on.

For my surprise (again), one month later I discovered that my account was locked and that I should reach for the help desk team. The service was really bureaucratic and told me that was sending my case to another department so I decied to be faster and searched about it. I found that the problem should be linked to payment via paypal.

That’s fine, this stuff happens, but I received an email saying " If the funds have already been reversed back into your Paypal account, you need to make a manual payment. You can send it to []. Please let us know the transaction ID so that we can verify the successful transaction and re-enable your account."

And no other instruction. What manual payment? Pay for what? Where?

The desperate part is that the service repeats the same answer no matter what I write. Looks like a broken robot.

Could another user share how he / she solved?

The customers who suspended their payment via Paypal are the problem for Envato authors and for Envato staff. Envato blocks them and you have to return money for the item you’ve bought to Envato first. After it them are going to unblock you.

Sorry if I sound dumb, but return what money if a bought a service -not a product- that I didn’t use?