How many days it will take to refund?

I am claiming for refund. How many days it will take to refund when the author is approved?


If The customer’s refund request was approved by the author of the item, Envato will let the customer know through email. The customer’s request will then be sent to Envato Help Team to be processed.

How do refunds work?


awesome!. but how many days will it take for a refund?

How do refunds work? :point_up_2:

This usually takes three to five business days.
But it can be delay depends on payment method you have used.

If the refund has been accepted by the item author and if you’d like to get it as credit on your account to be used later, you can contact Envato support They can credit the amount within 48 hours.

If the payment has been through by credit card, it may take up to 3 weeks.