May I know is refund normally will take how many days to process?

Hi Guys,

I got request a refund from author and the author is agreed to refund just want to know normally the envato will take how long to process the refund?

Besides that, got few themes that i bought was suddenly removed, if i request refund can i get refund from envato?

Thank You

The first one depends on several things but usually not that long of the author approved it but envato may choose to check it.

On items removed - it comes down to how long ago you bought them and why they were removed. If they are recent purchased I.e. In the past six months then envato may consider refunding it but beyond that time frame there is unfortunately nothing that can be done.


If like that, will the author refund the money back?

Thank You

It depends which you mean…

If the author approved a refund then it’s out of their hands and usually takes no more than a week.

Again it can come down to how you paid eg card payments can take longer as otnjeeds to go via their systems too.

If the file has been removed and it’s an old purchase then regretfully it’s unlikely to be refunded by the author or envato as all items are purchased as is, authors have the rights to remove files as/when they need to, and ta in the buyer terms that envato cannot guarantee files forever.