How long will it refund my money?

Envato users.
Hope you are well. I have a problem with a refund. I requested to cancel the order and told the problem about the scriptwriter, he accepted my request but the payment is still pending. Actually, I have a website, I want to add some popular tools, such as image editor, and some basic web tools that are related to my website. , but I bought it by mistake and it couldn’t be installed on my server. what shall I do?

You can go to ask to author.

Per your screenshot, it looks like the refund has already been sent back to the original payment method. From there, the processing time will depend on your bank.

Basically, think about how long it takes for payments on the same card to go from “processing” to “posted”. That’s about how long you should expect to wait, not including weekends, possibly plus or minus a day or two for the recent holiday period.

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3 days passed but I have not received payment from them.

Hi, My be only calculate working days Not holiday and non working days.

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