How long does it take for a Indentifyy (Hawwk) claim to be released

Hello, I uploaded a video as unlisted to get the claims, clear them up and then post the video, as always.
But this time I used a song (which I clearly have license for) which is registered by Hawwk.

I did the same thing as I do as always (such as AdRev and SA) , compiled the form, sent the license and waited hoping for it to be solved in some hours / 1 day.

It’s been almost 3 days and I still got no response. Is this normal?

If that’s the case now I know i won’t be buying or using songs registered from Hawwk anytime soon.
I now contacted them through their email support explaining them the situation and filling the form that way, let’s see if they reply this time…

Is this normal? do they take longer? Has anyone had any experience with Hawwk?

I’ve had two claims filed, and they were both lifted within a couple of hours after my response. I’d say your situation is not normal.

May I ask you how long ago was that?

It took me a few hours / 24 hours to clear the copyright claim on HAAWK. 3 days is just too long. I have no idea your situation.

The most recent one was within the past two months or so.

Sometimes they are cleared within hours, other times up to 48 hours in my experience.

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Buyers contacted me about the delete of claims for videos on YouTube, I personally sent a request through a special page and the next day the claims were deleted, maybe you should contact the author, from his profile page …