Question about identifyy

I registered my songs with identifyy a few weeks ago. I just uploaded a few songs to youtube, but the songs were not flagged for copyright. I emailed identifyy and they said it could take months for a copyright claim. When uploading to youtube there is a specific section that checks before it publishes so I thought it would catch my songs. But it did not.

Does anyone know if my songs should be flagged immediately? Or does it take a few months for this to happen?!?

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It should happen pretty fast, days or a week.

It takes 2-3 months for the first report.


But it’s not a perfect system. Even really famous songs are not always caught right away, even if it’s the whole song. I’ve tried. Sometimes it takes a few days.


@jackk44 Thanks, I was expecting it to be picked up when I uploaded the tracks. I thought when you uploaded it would analyze at that time and cross check with its database. But I guess that’s a lot of processing too quickly!

I will wait for a warning, this way I know how the process works to clear a title.

Do you clear through youtube or identifyy?


Yes, that is how it is usually done. Right away. I upload many videos on YouTube and usually claims are recognized right away. But, SOMETIMES, it can can take longer. It is not the normal thing though.

You clear (fastest) though Identifyy (or AdRev), but you can clear on YouTube also. It takes longer.

What I meant by “days, or a week” was after you have uploaded a new track into the system.

But once a track is in there, a new YouTube video upload SHOULD trigger the claim right after your upload finished, after processing.

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Thanks @jackk44 , I will wait a little while, maybe it’s because it’s my first few tracks? It’s been several weeks since I uploaded to indetifyy, so the delay seems wrong. The customer rep I got did not help at all. No surprise there :frowning_face: