How long checking item, after soft rejection?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

My item is soft rejected, I corrected my file and submitted to GraphicRiver. Alredy I’m waiting 6 days.:sleeping:

hi, normally after u resubmit again after a soft rejection, it takes less than a day … unless u deleted it all and tried to resubmit from scratch … . 6 days is way too long for a soft, u should try to check in the spam section of your mailbox, u may have another rejection message there , or, and this is option two, there’s a technical problem. In any case , u should try to contact the help center for this issue …

Check here: :v:

Thank you “jlvextension”. It’s new info for me. Always i’ll be use it.

Thanks “n2n44” for your advice. I wrote to support. They told me, that my enquiry response time could be up to 7 days.
Omg. will be wait. Will be faster reload it