Why my resubmissions file still not getting an answer, it's more than 13 days?

After 10 days of waiting for the review, my content gets Soft Reject and needs improvement.
I did the repair, but after 13 days, this repair file still didn’t get an answer. So I’ve been waiting for more than 23 days :smiley:

This has exceeded with this rule:


hi is there a “held for further review” mentioned somewhere ? because it looks really really odd … normally resubmission never take so very long…

nope, still waiting

this is not normal, man! yesterday i had an item reviewed, i added the thing in the description as requested, resubmitted and not over one hour afterwards, the item was approved … did u check your spam folder / are u sure that the thing was not hard rejected in the end ? can u still see the item in hidden items and in the queue in your dashboard?

no, this is soft rejected, and yes I can still find it in the hidden items tab. And I can see history for Soft Rejected too. It’s okay for now, I am no longer an exclusive author, so I can still use my work elsewhere T_T