[Soft-Reject] can send a new version of an item?

Hello! I’m new in the community and sent my first upload an item, but found some errors after sending and believe I will get a Soft-reject. My doubt is that after taking the Soft-reject I can send my item with new updates (the wait queue is very large and all this time I managed to bring new changes to the item) or should I send the same item just change note of the errors?

You can delete it from queue and reupload it again since it has not been reviewed yet, instead of waiting longer to only resubmit again.

If you have small issues and if u’re confident about soft reject I suggest not to delete. Resubmission review time is only 24-48 hrs.

Really do not want to wait any longer this queue, I am already 12 days waiting is again resend an item is very frustrating. So I resend my item with new updates from Soft-reject?

There is no way to bypass the waiting time.

Right! Is now expected to review :grinning:

I did it in past!
I created a ticket in support and asked them to notify the reviewer to soft reject it without review and they did it :wink:

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Thank you for guidance, will help me a lot =). I will send soon a ticket.

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