Soft reject resubmit review time



It says review takes 2-3 days but my item took 6 and was soft rejected. I made the improvements suggested by the reviewer although I’m confused bc I see many other similar items without what I was asked for. I resubmitted the changes but do I have to wait another 6 days for re-review?

Dan C.


In my experience it has not taken more than 1-2 days after soft rejection to get their feedback and /or approval…


David L.


Hi @dcc1784,

Review times for soft rejection take less than the normal review time. It can even take just 10 / 20 minutes before your item gets reviewed again.




Yeah, had resubmitted stuff reviewed in ten minutes before. Usually within a few hours. If it’s late on a Friday then you’ll usually have to wait until Monday.


Thank you guys for the input! Thought it might take another 6 days, phewww… It just got approved :grinning:


hi buddy, indeed , u have sort of a priority file when u re-submit a soft rejected item and unless something really unsueful, i t should not take more than a few hours to have your item reviewed again, if not a few minutes as Matt mentioned earlier on … .Now, for the discrepancy in what u and others have been asked, that’s something that is not new but something that is not worth fighting against, many of us did and just wasted our times, so just move on and do what u are asked, this is the best advice that i can offer u indeed …



You are welcome !