How is Omnisphere 2 on CPU under typical project workloads?

I plan to buy Omnisphere 2 and have no doubt it can be a go to synth for my production needs. It’s got great features and sounds that will make it worth the price (gulp! :head_bandage: ). However, for that price I would like to know that it won’t greatly impact my DAW load for typical projects. As an example, I really like SERUM but find that it easily can load my CPU too much with several instances.

So, I would appreciate your feedback based on your experience with Omnisphere 2 and CPU burden. Can you typically run many O2 instances or do you find that you are limited to only 1 or 2 instances?

I understand that everyone’s computer and work style is different. I’m just trying to get a sense of your experience in this area. THANKS FOR ANY INPUTS!

For reference, my setup is:
Windows 10, CPU is Intel Core i7-3610 (2.3GHz), 16GB RAM, Several large SSDs
My DAW is Live 9. I often run multiple instances of Kontakt 5 with sample libraries, multiple synth plugins like Massive, SynthMaster2 and Blue2, and many effects plugins. I tend to keep plugins and midi running through arrangement, mix and master processes. If I get excess loading, I will freeze tracks and sometimes bounce them to audio if necessary. However, this is a last resort for me because I like to tweak to the end.

Hi @MidnightSnap

In general I use 2 or 3 instances Omni 2 and 4 or 5 kontakt 5, but I can easily go up to 4 or 5 omni, I had a problem before omni took 20 a 30 sec to open, I was In win 10 and I execute live 9 in win 7 compatibility mode to use some plug in, try it may be that is the problem. I hope it will help you, otherwise it is your cpu that is not as powerful.

Win 7 64
I5 2500k
Ssd Samsung evo 850
16 go ram
Live 9

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Thanks YanSof. It is good to hear you have no issue. Thank you for your input!

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I have some problems with Omnisphere 2 Multis (drop outs, crackeling) where my Xeon 1225v3 seems to be a bit dated.
Will invest in a Intel Core i7 4770k

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Thanks Waderman. I had heard in some tech forum discussions that some multis can be tough on CPU. Thanks for confirming that. Good luck with your new compute platform.

I have no difficulty using multiple instances of Omni2, however it does have a fairly high CPU load and I find it best to spread the load by using more instances of the plugin, rather than loading up all 8 Multi slots in a single instance.

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Perfect. That’s what I had hoped to hear. Based on yours and Waderman, it sounds like some of the multi’s can be a problem. I typically don’t use multi’s so this is good! Thanks for the tip BlueSkyAudio!

O2 is great, I pretty much have the same spec as you (computer wise) the only thing I will say is that it can be slow loading instruments if you have a few instances of o2 open, great product though!

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Thank you for the feedback KBullasMusic!