i9 7900x vs Threadripper 1950x.Your thoughts?Advice Suggestions?

This year I want to fully upgrade my PC configuration and it all begins from the heart of system-CPU.
I’m aiming for using lots of kontakt libraries and heavy synths like Serum,Diva,Zebra etc.
I’m using Studio One 3,but it seems that soon will SO 4 come out.

I’ve read many articles and it seems that i9 shows a little advantage in small buffer applications and TR shows better results in a higher buffer settings.
Also i9 has an option for using thunderbolt 3.0 which is good in long perspective.
But,TR has great price\quality ratio
So,what your opinions on this topic?
Did you use some of these and what was your expirience?

Hey @NeroMusicUa

I have the X299 platform with a 7820x which is a step below the 7900x and I have gone through a lot of projects with a number of Synths and Virtual instruments composing, mixing & right down to the mastering and I haven’t had a glitch or had to freeze anything. I would recommend about 32gb’s of ram though if you plan to use a number of VI’s.

I was borderline going for the ThreadRipper but landed with X299 for the reason that my sound card uses Thunderbolt because I was migrating from a MacBook previously and there are a number of benefits that come along with thunderbolt.

If you plan on going Intel I recommend turning off speed step, hyperthreading, turbo boost & overclocking to roughly 4.2 - 4.5Ghz on all cores, this can be done with AMD also & It really helps with getting lower latency when trying to play instruments in.

Best regards :slight_smile:

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Thank you for big and detailed answer!
I consider to get 32gm of ram and a couple of SSD’s for OS and Samples Libraries :slight_smile:
Have you expirienced problems with high temperature of CPU in hard projects or some other issuies?

The CPU at most hits about 50% load when a project is at it’s peak, so I never really see temperature issues. I also have a NZXT Kraken X62 on it so it’s pretty chilled, and the machine is barely audible. I would recommend a decent cooler together with a 650w PSU over an above.

The only issues I’ve had, is regarding certain VSTs are not optimized for multicore support and thus creates issues with dropouts because it’s not sharing resources, but that will hopefully fix itself over time.

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