Thoughts on AMD Ryzen 7

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My Macbook just took a dive recently, and when I sent it into the Apple Repair, because it was out of warranty, they quoted me on fixing it and the amount just didn’t make sense to repair, considering I bought it 4 years ago & technology has advanced rapidly over the past four years.

So my next solution is to get an AMD Ryzen 7 setup, What are your guys thoughts on the CPU for Music Production, As I currently have no experience on it and would like to know how it is going for any producers out there who own one?

So, I’ve been doing some research and this guy brilliantly broke it down into music production terms.

Hi, @KORDS! I purchase new PC with Ryzen 1800X. Previous PC was with intel i5 4960 K processor.
At one of my pro tools project intel i5 4960 K (overclocked up to 4Ghz) cpu load - 100%. Same project Ryzen 1800X (not overlocked, worked at 3.6 Ghz) load near 35-40%.
I think Ryzen 1800X great choise for it price.

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Some tests that I wathed before purchasing:

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When I will have more time I want to record some tests i5 4960 K vs Ryzen 1800X :slight_smile: It’s interesting to see difference between this cpus in different DAW and plugins.

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This is amazing, thank you for all the info, I was originally in line for the i7-6800k but then YouTube somehow lead me in the direction of AMD, when I saw it was half the price for the same performance its such a bonus, so now I can get a few gadgets on top of the CPU!

Yes please do some test, I really like to see benchmarks :slight_smile:

When you did your test, what was your buffer size and sample rate?

Sample rate was same at both computers - 44100
Buffer size when I work at i5 was 1024, at Ryzen - 256

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When composing, how many instruments can you play with and at what buffer size until it starts giving in? reason being with my little i7 I use to have, I could get up to about 3-4 instruments before the latency became to much to play stuff in with the midi keyboard.

I didn’t have any problem with latency using ryzen and i5 … I used 40-50 instruments at some projects and didn’t have any problem. I choose 1024 samples buffer size.

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I think my next PC will be with Ryzen too :slight_smile:


As for now Ryzen 7 is great choise from performance/price point of view
But,I’ll wait few more month for Ryzen 9 and i9 from Intel to see which proposition would be the best :slight_smile:

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Yeh, I’ve been keeping an eye on the Threadripper & i9,

Ryzen 7 is great, however the max memory capacity is 64gb, and also PCI-e lanes are not nearly as much as the rumored Threadripper which is quad channel (Usually 128gb) & some of the motherboards I’ve seen have upto 4 m.2 drive slots @ PCI-e 3.0 x 4,

I’m sitting on the edge of my seat, because the threadripper apparently starts at 10 cores & goes all the way up to 16 cores, I’m just wondering what the price will be.

Intel released this at computex.

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Wow! Thanks for sharing!
I was wandering how much new i9 would cost…now I have things to think about :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! The 8 core that they have in the i9 is about $100 more than the Ryzen 1800x & the performance should be similar, however with the x299 chipset, its way more expandable, & this is why I am waiting on the ‘Threadripper’ so badly, because intel is starting to sway me :stuck_out_tongue:

Because of forum rules I can’t put the link to the site I will just copy/paste the text about AMD Threadripper :slight_smile:

A lot of bang for the buck

According to a fresh report, AMD’s entry-level 16-core Threadripper CPU could cost as low as US $849.

According to the report coming from, the entry-level 16-core/32-threads Threadripper SKU, also known as the Threadripper 1998, which works at 3.2GHz base and 3.6GHz Turbo clock, lacks eXtended Frequency Range (XFR) feature and has a 155W TDP, could launch with a US $849 price.

If this rumor turns out to be true, AMD will significantly hurt Intel as this Threadripper will end up cheaper than Intel’s 10-core 7900X, which has a US $999 price tag (tray 1KU).

Although it could end up being slower than Intel’s 10-core chip in some scenarios, like gaming, the sheer number of cores and threads it offers would make it a great CPU for some CPU intensive tasks.

Hopefully, AMD will manage to bring more competition to the CPU market as it would both drive the prices down as well as most likely bring better CPUs in the future.

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That price is insane, I mean that the top of the log version is half of what the i7 6950x is, 6 more cores and lots of other benefits, I mean if that is 849, what will the 10 core threadripper be? $550?

The motherboards for the x399 chipset are insane! I can’t wait for threadripper! :innocent:

Recently there was new information and tests on intel i9 7900x,so I decided to share some of them in comparsion to ryzen 1800x
Didn’t find tests specific for music production,but I believe it’s just a matter of time :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t wait any longer on threadripper because the earliest it would be available in South Africa is in September, so I went with the intel 7820x, and let me tell you sir, its bonkers!

I literally finished building & installing everything for it yesterday, I’ve been doing some test on it & for example my little macbook pro is a joke in comparison…

Previously If I loaded up one instance of NI Reaktor Polyplex @ 96khz with a 64 sample buffer, there was no way I could play it on the macbook pro, this 7820x with the same sample rate and buffer size I’m getting 16 instances and there is a little bit of a crackle while still being able to play all the instances at once with a 4ms latency, (I know this isn’t a real world senario, but dayem son, this is amazing for production!)

Also went with the intel cos I can upgrade all the way up to 18 cores, 128gb’s memory & thunderbolt for my Soundcard with this motherboard… So yah, even tho the wait was long, I can now begin composing again & playing instruments live without my pc dying on me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: so happy!

Also I found this pretty interesting cos the 6900k is basically a 7820x with less pins, so I needed a little bit of an example…