how I can sell psd with trendsetter badge?

Hi to all authors:

I would sell any psd in themeforest with trendsetter badge, how I can make? please help me, thank you so much.

Many thing depending for a trendsetter badge.mostly sell/visitor/traffic on your item. sometime traffic is enough for trendsetter badge.for good sell your psd item! You have to make excellent design with good category based item then may be your dream will be true.


Many thanks, I try make good template for good sales I hope give me a badge trendsetter regards.

Good Luck for your new PSD :tada:

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A ask:

Do I can make 300 files psd themeforest will approved?

Yes you can make as you want.
but my opinion try make item first time 20-40 page item then you will make more page item

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Now I make 20-40 page? but I want multipurpose psd good sales I want bcause I am lost 2 level my account need sell $24 usd will unlock 3 level :frowning:


please help me thank you so much.

You can make any counted page there will be no problem

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Thank you so much but first 50 pages for test if good sales no need update, if bad sales I will update item 200 or 300 pages regards.

I dream for elite my account hahaha :slight_smile:

Hi @jeriteam007

with respect to you please be practical for getting best output.

As an author I think we should give priority to item quality (well accepted), it is not a matter that are small or big.

So, you can create your item with perfection which will get approved for quality. the item can be 5-10 pages psd but perfect. will be accepted by customers.

Just think you wrote a novel but not publish/approve.
again you wrote a poem(single page) but publish and well accepted.
which one better?

Good Luck to your Elite level race

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Hi @mgscoder

I want make my design photoshop new creative good designs and 50 pages I can make it, I dream to be elite my account

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why not, definitely you can.

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Many thanks :slight_smile: