good or bad idea for make category PSD

Hi to all:

I want sell PSD on themeforest, I would make any anime website ( for psd sell? please help me thaank you.

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I would have thought you might struggle with the characters - remember you can’t use trademarked or copyrighted artwork so you would need to either design your own or somehow find stock characters to use which may not be that easy


I am agree it because you have reason, I will other idea category psd thank you.

I don’t know what the demand would be like but it’s something different which is always good

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99designs is just a freelance network that offers portfolios, competitions etc. They can’t own that style of website.

As long as you don’t rip their design style then it’s fine.

I’d take time to properly understand how extensive that site is and how much is going on there because to create an original version which covers all (even just the contests) is a big job and will require a fairly
serious commitment to get right


I don’t will copy style to 99designs but different style I will make psd.