how i can get approve on my website temple

when i upload website i start to be confused about what i should upload

first : upload 80 * 80 photo => what photo i should upload

second : upload 590 * 300 px photo and if you want to upload any other photo max 900 * 900 px => is this mean i take screenshot for my website and put all this picture together in one file

third : upload main file => is this mean i upload all my website files from ( html ,css, photo file , and any other file )

four : how to make my website get approved ?

Hello @mohamednageh7,

  1. 80x80 stands for thumbnail size.

  2. 590 X 300 will be used in the banner/preview image
    900x900 will be your website preview images for the customers where they can view how your template looks. (This is Optional)

  3. Main Upload files will be the zip file of your template files.

  4. If you want to be pretty sure that you get your template approved, make sure you have covered all the requirements of the themeforest submission.

Hope my answer is useful to you.



Thanks alot :slight_smile:

You can share a demo link here before submission to get feedback

Also useful:

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hello @mohamednageh7

You can check more details here where use thumbnail and preview and examples what to add in images

  • 80x80 stands for thumbnail size. name : Thumbnail.png

  • 590 X 300 will be used in the banner/preview image name: 01_preview.png

Thanks :slight_smile: