Question about upload html theme


Two files must be submitted to upload the HTML template.
One file contains the template and documentation and the second file contains images.
Images folder should be named from 0 to 4, and zipped file?

I’m a little confused. Please guide my friends

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you have to upload in this way:

  1. Thumbnail: JPEG or PNG 80x80px Thumbnail
  2. Main File(s): ZIP - All files for buyers (include your product files folder + Documentation folder in a folder named matching with your item title then make a zip of the folder) and upload this main zip
  3. Inline Preview Image: 590x300 JPEG
  4. Preview Screenshots: ZIP file of images (png/jpg) w/ optional text descriptions for display on the site
  5. Optional Video Preview: video demo for your Item optional, you can ignore

You can ignore point 4 & 5 for themeforest. Hope will help.



I have to upload a .zip folder that named matching with item title. in this zip folder for example there is two folder: template and documentation. yes?

What should I enter the name of the Preview Image?

Thanks for your reply.

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yes, right.

for themeforest Inline Preview Image make a large_preview.png then make a .zip ( and upload in the field of Inline Preview Image


Thanks for sharing it.your answer solves my doubt.Keep it up

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