HTML Theme Filing

Hi guys. I want to submit a html theme on themeforest but i don’t know how should be its filing? Like js, css, image files. Is there any rule from envato about that issue? I created 3 files as you can see the image. Is there any problem? What do you suggest?! Ekran Alıntısı|690x355


you have to upload in this way:

  1. Thumbnail: JPEG or PNG 80x80px Thumbnail

  2. Main File(s): ZIP - All files for buyers (include your product files folder + Documentation folder in a folder named matching with your item title then make a zip of the folder) and upload this main zip

  3. Inline Preview Image: 590x300 JPEG

  4. Preview Screenshots: ZIP file of images (png/jpg) w/ optional text descriptions for display on the site

  5. Optional Video Preview: video demo for your Item optional, you can ignore

Hope will help.