Hello dear Envato community! I need your help on how to properly pack an HTML template before downloading

Please tell the beginner how to properly pack the html template archive before sending it, it would be nice if someone shared a packed archive without theme files in order to clearly see. Many thanks in advance for your help

create a folder with named alike your item title and within that folder you have to include 2 folder:

  1. a folder where your will include all files and folders of your html template
  2. documentation folder

now create a full zip of the folder (named alike your item title) and have to upload the zip.

Do I understand correctly that the preview files, the template cover are uploaded to the documentation folder? And do you need to add the original layout design file? Or is it optional?

Is there any chance that this template will be accepted at all?

okay let me explain. you will need the following for html template:

  1. Thumbnail (JPEG or PNG 80x80px Thumbnail)
  2. Theme Preview (ZIP file of images (png/jpg))
  3. Main File(s) (as described in my first reply)

no one in forum can tell will accept or not but you can try by uploading to get review.

Well, in your opinion, are there any design errors?

Thank you very much for your help!

you can share demo live preview url here to get feedback from fellow authors.