How to correctly fill the form to submit a HTML Template.


How to correctly fill the form to submit an HTML template.
In to the “Upload an Item to Site Templates” page to submit a template there are four selections:

  1. Thumbnail: ok
  2. Theme Preview: This field is valid for an html template?
  3. Main File(s): The .zip file of this field should not contain image path? The generic html line:<img src="" alt=""> the field “src” must be empty? Or something like: <img src="images/photo.jpg" alt="Some text"> ?
  4. Optional WordPress Theme: does not apply to an html template?

Where are the guidelines to filling: Upload an Item to Site Templates.

Please, can you show how to correctly fill the form to submit an html template?


The instructions are as follows, hope it helps.

  1. Thumbnail: the 80x80 thumbnail for your item.
  2. Theme preview: usually this is not necessary but you can provide this. You create a .zip file containing all the screenshots of your HTML pages, this is optional.
  3. This is the main file. Name this is or anything relevant. This is the one the buyers are going to get when they buy your item.
  4. This does not apply to HTML template.

Extra: Upload the item header or the item main preview banner, I am not sure what the call it but just upload it. I think the review team will do the rest.

This is how I think it should be done and it differs, I am uploaded my items in the same way and I didn’t face any problems. Good Luck :smile:


Thank you so much