How to submit react template in ThemeForest

Hello everyone,
I need help.

I want to submit a react js website. But I couldn’t. I have uploaded the file many times but showing this error.

please help me if you know how to submit react js theme in ThemeForest


You need just to follow the instructions on submit page.

  1. In must be only the preview image (or images) in JPG/PNG format. So, in is enough to have just 1 image which must be 590x300 pixels and the name of that image must start with 01_ - for example 01.preview.jpg
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this is my main problem.

I can’t submit my theme’s Main file

You must have:

  1. Thumbnail Image - that is a single image which you will upload and which will be 80x80px
  2. Theme Preview - that is a zip file which contain all the preview images (I have explained you in the previous post how to create that)
  3. Main Files - that is a zip file inside is your source code but without preview images.

So, when you upload an item you must have 1 jpg (80x80), 1 zip file for preview images (for example and 1 zip with your source code (for example So, you must have 1 image and 2 zip files there (1 zip file with preview images and 1 zip for the main files).

Theme Preview (zip file with images) and Main Files (source file) are not the same.

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