How envato works?

Hello guys,

I am new in envato market and tried to read all details about it. But I think short way is getting tips & tricks from experienced authors.

I am going to sell webdesigns with CMS and fully hosted. But CMS is not Wordpress or Joomla. Its totally different. Is it possible to sell miscellaneous CMS and webdesigns? I see that there is option about other CMS but when I visit link still WordPress and Joomla there.

And also what you would advice to new joined author in order to be successful.

Thanks beforehand.

I could be wrong, but I think you can sell CMS in code canyon marketplace.

but why would you do that? WordPress has the biggest market, you should aim for that.


I guess you can try to submit it here

But as already mentioned, trying to submit your own CMS here is a waste of time. Do your CMS offers better functionality than WordPress or Drupal or other popular CMSs? Do you have an in-depth documentation for it as WordPress has with its Codex? Custom CMS has its place for certain client projects when existing solutions may not offer needed features, but it absolutely doesn’t make sense on marketplace like ThemeForest.

If you want to be successful, then stop wasting time with silly ideas about reinventing the wheel. Create items which have potential for good sales. Nobody will purchase custom CMS here. Creating a WordPress theme is an obvious choice since since they sell the best.

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I don’t even know what CMS is! I’ve heard of Wordpress though, that’s all the rage.

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Thanks for your feedback