What are the rules for making good product on themeforest.

Hi, i just discovered this website, and i like what i see. i already use to make websites just for fun and i just realized i could sell them!
but i never did that before and i would like to do that in a respectable manner with full costumer satisfaction.
so i would like to know certain things if that’s OK with you.

-Can i sell code from scratch without any CMS/WordPress stuff? just plain old code and comments.
-Do i have to use Bootstrap? (Noticed alot of templates contained Bootstrap.

really basically these are my questions, can i simply code and sell my files or do i have to somehow implement it to WordPress or is that not my problem?

thanks guys and im really excited about getting into this thing!


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

Sure, you can sell code from scratch without any cms/wordpress stuff.
Yes, you can use getBootstrap lots of author use Bootstrap themeforest platform.

Stat reading some article about Envato starting rules system etc.

Let start Envato


Selling and being an Author


WordPress Theme Requirements

Best Wish for your welcome.



Hope you will get your answer here Themeforest Requirements:


Ok guys thanks a lot for the help :slight_smile: