How does Item Earnings and Top Licensed Items sections relate?

I’m having trouble understanding the relationship between the two sections in the Author Dashboard.

For example, when I choose the time window to be only from yesterday (so only 1 day’s report), I see one particular item of mine earning $0 or even just $0.01 on a regular basis. But when I look at the Top Licensed Items section, the item that I mentioned is my most popular and most licensed item in my portfolio. In fact, the blue bar that shows the “number” of licenses is nearly double my second most popular one.

This is not for this one item but the overall pattern and relationship between the two sections don’t seem to make any sense to me. Can someone help me understand why we’re seeing these discrepancies?

Where is “Top Licensed Items” section?

In the Earnings Report, if you click on “Item Performance” and scroll down past “Item Earnings”, you should be able to see “Top Licensed Items”.

I feel silly, I can’t find it :slight_smile: but everything should be fine. Envato is not gonna make any mistake.

It’s because the information is for two different time periods.

Item Earnings are 33 days behind because of needing to calculate our subscriber share. So right now, we are seeing earning for dates in June.

Top Licensed Items are for the current past 7 days. So you can see what your most popular items are in “real time.” But we won’t see how much those licenses earn us for 33 days.

Because of the Subscriber Share model, items that are licensed a lot may not necessarily be the items you earn the most off of, but sometimes they are.

It can be disconcerting to see items earning pennies or even fractions of a cent, but they do add up over time. If you compare the total on Earnings Overview and Item Earnings, you’ll see they are different even though they are for the same time period. (Right now, it is June.) I am pretty sure that’s because under Item Earnings fractions of a cent are displayed as $0.00 and yet once all those fractions are added together, they make whole cents/dollars that are reflected in our total earnings on Earnings Overview.

Does that help any?

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It is at the bottom of the Item Performance page. :slight_smile:

@MargJohnsonVA yes that makes sense! Thanks for your help. I wasn’t concerned with Envato making a mistake in calculating the earnings or even why my items aren’t doing so well. I just wanted to understand the discrepancies and you’ve answered them perfectly :grinning:

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