How do you manage multiple WordPress niches theme.

Hey folks.
I’m looking for some advice here.
How do you manage a theme with multiple niche demos? As I understand each demo hosted on a separated folder. This is also required for a separated demo XML file. Here is the example:
/ main demo
/ car rental demo
/ medical demo

Each of this folder has own WordPress installation, theme, plugins etc.
If you make change to a theme or a plugin, how do you update each of this folder? I know there are some WP manager tools like ManageWP as well as deployment tools, like DeployHQ. Would like to hear community thoughts, especially Elite Authors.

I am doing like you have describe - separated folders/installations with separated demo XML. I am doing all “manually” - updating theme and plugins on each installation (ok, I have just one theme with multiple demos).

Not to do all manually, one solution will be ManageWP and another solution will be to have a WordPress network - - easy update on all demos.

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There are two approaches I’ve experienced. 1. You can do as you’ve said and end up in a bad place. 2. Make a demo/niche per theme and you’ll be on the good side.

That’s an interesting approach. But let’s say I want to have 1 niche for a theme but 4 demos with different style. So when a buyer purchases your theme, he can choose only 1 demo instead of importing all 4 and polluting his DB and hosting space.
Anyway thanks for your comment.

Multisite sound like an interesting idea. Will try to research this option in future. Thanks for your comment.

Hey, if you’re speaking of different header/footer layout you can use child themes, but this also leads to bad place :slight_smile: For instance Choose a theme, there’s a filter to stylesheet that switches the child theme, ending up in a different designs with the same demos. You can even make separate demos by making pages for each one, but believe me, one niche one theme is the way to go. And do a good one, like electronics shop, you won’t need 5 demos for it and it’ll sell more than any other theme that has 100+ niches in it. Customers are a strange breed, they just like things done, not complex or anything else.

I also agree about one niche per theme rule. But I’m looking for a way to separate each demo into an individual XML demo import file and it’s possible only with separated WP installations.