how do you handle this general problems with WP an templates for your clients

I would like to address a general question to all those who use WordPress templates for their clients.
How do you resolve the following situation, which I am currently faced with?

I’ve been using WordPress templates from Envato ( for my clients for years. Some of these templates were created by developers who aren’t around any longer, or who don’t release any more updates. WordPress, however, is constantly under development and becoming more and more secure.

Basically, what I’d like to know is how you keep all these websites up to date and secure.
Do you install every update – and if so, what do you do about updating the themes?
Are there any plug-ins or tools which are designed to help with this?
Are there any services which I can buy for this? If so, what do they cost?
Do security plug-ins exist which stay secure even when WordPress is updated?

I hope you understand what I mean and the problem that I have with all the WP installations over the years. The primary goal is security and the site should remain as it is. It doesn’t necessarily have to be free of charge…

Best regards and thanks for any tip.


The short answer is that it will almost always depend on the theme, what the issues are, what updates have been made.

It’s almost impossible to pre-empt or create a one-size-fits all answer. The best option is to find a trusted freelancer to review and update everything when needed, however this could potentially become quite costly and again would still depend on the details.

As long as you are being up front with your clients that you are using stock templates and/or themes (and sensibly incl. this info in any paperwork) then in most cases they will understand if bigger issues arrive.

I’m interested in the job if you’re looking for a freelancer to check the themes and update them as necessarily

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