How to keep bought themes up to date with wordpress?

I’ve bought a theme which now the developer has removed and won’t support any longer.

I’ve asked a bit around in my network and they advised me to install a new theme…
However, this makes me worried about that this could maybe happen again - and it doesn’t seem right to me, that every time/company runs into this issue, that they have to just deal with it and install a new theme.

My concern is about the theme not getting updates and suddenly not working as WP upgrades…

Is there a way to maintain a bought theme on my own and get it to always stay updated and working with WP - besides developer might just stop working on this?

And if yes, how?


We are all just humans and there can be a lot of reasons why the author has stop to sell themes. Nothing lasts forever.

And yes, I understand you - there can be a lot of problems and also can take a lot of money/time to move to another theme. But again, no one can guarantee you how long the theme “will be live”.

One of solution is to hire someone to fix your current theme - but again, that will also take some time/money.

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Hi thanks for the quick reply!

And for sure - i really much get that.
That’s why I ask if there’s a way to keep the theme up to date myself.

I never experienced this problem before, but now im corcerned that it could happen with any theme.
And never being sure if my website and webshop are gonna ‘survive’.

I am long time developer and I am always looking to use just the default WP stuffs and to make it simple as much I can - everyone who knows a little bit about the WP can fix that (I am using shortcodes, custom meta fields and custom templates to create content). I don’t use (a lot of) 3rd part plugins and also don’t use any visual builder. Yes, using themes like that are requiring a little bit more time to create content, there are also some limitations in creating layouts but on other side there is no updates all the time and if something breaks - it can easy be fixed.

for doing this we laways should to download/collect latest version from themeforest download when any update version release. To get notification about any update we can install Envato Market Plugin.