Should I update my themes?



I have a question regarding all the themes.
If a theme has published in conjunction with WooCommerce and WooCommerce publish a new update, I must update the theme, too if there is an update? If you will update the Theme the problem is that your own changes are lost and that bothers always. If I am satisfied with the theme and its features, can I not update the theme but update WooCommerce and other plugins? Do I have security problems for WordPress then?

So my question is: If I dont’t update my WooCommerce themes, but update the WooCommerce plugin itself, do I have security problems with my website or not?

Thank you in advance!


You could definitely run into security issues, sooner or later, if you prevent yourself from being update to update your theme (regardless of WooCommerce’s updates) If you have any intentions fo changing the code of a theme, you really, really, REALLY need to implement and work off a child theme. It’s an easy, one time step that will keep you changes intact and allow you to keep your site up to date.

Directions on child themes are on the Codex at: and most (if not all) premium themes should have a ready made child theme packaged with it.


I’d always always always update your themes and plugins. Like @cwpdev said, you should be using a child theme and using that to reflect your changes for the theme. As a theme and plugin developer, I push all sorts of updates all the time - not all are big and important but I took the time to push an update because I personally found it important to provide that update.

So think of it that way; they’ve put the time in to give you that update because they know it’s important - so take it :slight_smile:



Thank you! What is if a theme developer don’t update the theme, if there is even an update for WooCommerce?
For example: I installed a WooCommerce Theme from Themeforest. WooCommerce publish 2 weeks later a new update. The theme developer don’t publish any update all the time… WooCommerce show me message that the template files are too old or not compatible… Do I have security risks oder issues now, too becuase I cannot do anything, except coding by myself.


I wouldn’t say that you should expect an update after every WooCommerce push. If there’s a breaking change, let the developer know (though chances are he/she is already aware of it). You’re not likely to have any security issues, unless you’re being told by WooCommerce that your theme is at risk for some reason.