How do you guys make those Video Placeholders in your AE Projects ?


Hi, my name is Streelight im new GFX Artist on VideoHive *** I know that it looks strange but i cant’ understand how to make those video placeholders ?

Do i need to make new composition for every video and place it in the Folder like " Insert your video here " ?

Could i Use my videos that i purchased online for just Preview Video and than delete it and leave just empty compositions ?

Or How to Make Them ???

Realy need Help !!!


Hey dude,

Welcome to the hive. Simply just make a comp for each placeholder then organize into a folder structure that’s easy for the buyer to understand, then add your own vids for the final render.

I delete my content before I upload, just make sure you leave some solids etc. that are easily replaceable for the customer.

Hope this helps & good luck with your sales :wink:



Here is how I do it with some of my project’s.
First I make image jpeg files in Illustrator or Photoshop where it’s written “Placeholder 1” “Placeholder 2” …

Then in AE, I make new compositions for each placeholder, where I insert jpeg files.

Then, customer is instructed just to replace those jpeg files by right clicking on file - replace footage.

Like this:

Hope that was helpful :slight_smile:



I make the user guide projects for all my files available on-line. You could have a look at those for some guidelines about how to structure a project. Try this one for size… (right-click and download)

Brian made a video about some of this stuff too a while back, but I don’t know where it went to. Anyone know?



Thank you very much Guys ***

I Finaly Understood YeeeeHaaaaa