How to create Placeholders?

Hi, I’m new to selling After Effects projects.
There doesn’t seem to be many resources on how to create projects with the purpose of selling so I would really apreciate if someone could explain to me how to create placeholders for example that are referenced when I try to upload something, and/or anything else useful to know when making an After Effects project to sell.
The only thing I know how to do related with “automation” or ease-of-use is create a null object in the main composition, make a bunch of expression controls and pack a lot of properties there to be changed more easily.

Hi. To create a placeholder (for logos, images, videos, text) you have to make a composition that will contain the media to replace by the customer. This composition will have all the effects, transition and place in timeline that you want for your template. So the only thing that customer has to do is just replace the content inside the placeholder composition that you have created for that purpose.

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Oh ok, then I think I’m doing it right, thanks!

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