How do I add photo in placeholders?

I’m new to after effects.And I need to know how to place photos into the placeholders. Thanks in advance!

It don’t seem to be that easy, is there a tutorial on placing images in placeholders, also when i choose a image, for some reason after effects chooses a different image! Why is that? I need help, i want to do it myself so i can purchase templates in the future, Call me if you can at (901) 864-0753, or e-mail me at

hi there! i f u look carefully in this tut(your e-mail) u may find the way you can add a vid/pic in your comp.! anyway after you create your comp, you can add in your comp. an adjustment layer (CTRL +ALT +Y), name it by selecting the layer and press Enter, type “vid/pic here” after you drag your video in the project window in after effects. Next step make sure you have select the layer “add your vid/pic” go in the project window , select ur vid/pic and drag it in top of your “add your vid/pic” layer by keeping press left ALT. all done! you have to take care also about your video frame rates and size! cheers! vio`s world

Maybe I need to explain little better. I bought the “Wedding Particle Words” Template. It Has Placeholders that breaks into particles. I 'm trying to edit it with my own photos. but i have not a clue how to do that. Any help or video tutorial would be helpful! thanks

Have you checked the folder " The Wedding Particle Words" for a help or video tutorial file? If is a videohive item you must have it, just read or watch carefully. If you still have problem with this template contact the producer to customize the project for you.