How... do I reply to a forum post??? :P

New forums, cool and all… I guess… but why is it so hard to simply post a reply in a thread? There’s no “Reply” or “Post” button, all I found was “Reply as linked Topic” whatever that means, and once I clicked that I couldn’t even select the same category as I was replying to (Hangout).

If the post is big, you need to scroll to the bottom of the page in order to post a reply.

Hmm… in THIS thread there are Reply “buttons” (the arrow).

But take a look at this thread (or is it not called a thread anymore? a topic perhaps?):

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And if I click the “reply with linked topic” or whatever, I can’t even select the same category.

I think the topic is locked.The last reply was posted on february 2014.

Uh huh but how can you tell? In this list, only “About the hangout category” is locked, right?

I don’t really know…
But I know one thing for sure.We deserve a Beta Tester Badge for using the forum at this point.

Also, I can’t even create a new topic in “Hangout”, because I can’t select it in the category list. Bug or feature? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: