replying to a "LOOKING FOR" post with a link to my music on Envato

Why can i not reply to a “LOOKING FOR” post with a link to my music on Envato ? reply gets flagged

Perhaps because your link wasn’t suitable close to what requester was looking for? :wink:

Forums rules don’t allow links to your Envato items being considered as self-promotion.
But actually here is a big mess with that rule at forums: some threads specifically consigned for such kind of links (like “looking for” and some others) are currently running publically, the same time people often post links at not appropriated threads (like queue length thread) and moderators pass it to be etc.

Before August 20th there was the different structure of forums, which had specifically separated “Item Discussions” and “Item Requests” sections for such links; it was much more useful. Better to have something like that now, to avoid authors to be confused where to post and where not to.

Thank You kindly…I wonder if It is allowed to privately email a reply to the author of a “LOOKING FOR POST” through the Envato emailing system ?.

I never did so, but I think why not. If you have something to present exactly for what he is looking for, but someone deleted your post with no reason. Just avoid to do it without asking, as spam is annoying and you can lose the chance to be chosen by him himself some day (it happens by luck).

It’s an aethical issue.

Also try to be in time checking the data of original post, as videomakers usually need the requested very fast and cannot wait for months, even is the thread is still not closed.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Great…thanks again for all the help and advice…best of luck…Graham

Automated flagging can happen with posts that only contain links. Next time try to add some text as well, then it may work :sunglasses:

Thank you kindly

I believe the problem is you were replying to a music request thread that was about a month old! That’s not helpful at all, plus confusing to other forum members by bringing an out-of-date topic up. Normally requests from buyers are valid for 3 days maximum, unless the thread’s author posts again asking for more.

Sounds like the worst idea ever to me. The person posted in the forums and checking his/her thread for suggestions. Your track is either something that works for them or it just doesn’t.

Emailing would be a bit like… Imagine on a street a car stops next to you, the driver opens a window and asks you for directions. But instead of just explaining the way through the open windows you enthusiastically get into their car, start shaking their hand, put on a safety belt and expect to go for a ride together.

Thank You kindly…cheers