An Open Letter for Envato Fourm and Support Team



Hi All,

Guys, in this forum, everyday we post about hundreds of threads. About 90%, all of threads are just for congratulations or general(Repetitive) replied on rejection of items.
If we post useful questions or threads, there is no reply, even submit a ticket, there is no reply ?


I feel bad whenever I use this Envato forum, I am a senior member at XDA Community too. I can say my experience is amazing on XDA. All members are well disciplined and and moderation of threads is amazing.

You should make a separate forum for hangouts and other useless topics. This forum should be only for well organised threaded with strict moderation.

Hope you all understand it and try to improve our forum.

Mention @KingDog , I know kingdog will not reply on useful topics, but I don’t know other moderator. Never seen them :wink:

Thanks for reading,


yep, all my threads were beyond this community skills. I got no reply on 95% of them.


Same here!!