How do I remove the Envato water mark on a purchase I made so I can add the motion effect to my logo

My issue in with the Glass Line Reveal - Apple Motion Template purchase.

Hi! I would think when you purchased it a non-watermarked version would be included. If this is not the case I would assume to contact the author and they should be able to easily remedy that for you. Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

What watermark are you talking about?

Thanks TNT I’ll give that a shot, Hi X the water mark I’m referring to is the Envato name shows at the end of the view of my downloaded purchase. Shouldn’t there be no name showing?

Where are you downloading the purchase from… which page? And what is the file type that you’re opening. You should be downloading it from your downloads page and it should be a Motion file.

Assuming you have purchased this item, for the preview, you will need to edit the source file to get the preview without watermark. The one within the theme file ( if there’s any ) could be preview only

Yea, like ki-themes said, You need to open and edit the source file, then replace the Envato logo with your own.

Thanks guys that makes sense, as I’m new to editing and learning as I go using Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro.