How to remove watermark from preview?


I am new in GraphicsRiver, and got a soft reject (about placeholders) for my first item.
How i can remove watermark from preview of my item (Envato logo with lines)? I saw that some items on GR haven’t it

Where is that image from?

At this moment in my hidden items.
I make changes and wanna reupload it, but preview image with this watermark looks not good

where did you get the watermarked image?

If you designed it then you could just remove the watermark so I’m assuming you found it elsewhere?

The copyright logo with the lines gets added by the GraphicRiver system automatically.

Image without Envato watermark

If it’s adding automatically then there won’t be anything you can do.

Usually the “placeholder” issue is because the reviewer wants images included in the design replaced with placeholders in the download