How can I find out the isrc code of my track?

Hi there!
I decided to post my previews on soundcloud, and there they ask for an ISRC code.
Can someone help me how to find on AudioJungle out this code on my track?
Many thanks in advance!

Hi MurreyMoon, Audio Jungle doesn’t provide ISRCs. Is it a mandatory field? I’ve never been asked for them by Soundcloud before. You only need ISRCs in your recordings if you want to sell them for listening purposes or release them officially. Since Soundcloud is a free listening service, I don’t know why they would need you to provide them. That’s strange.

Here’s some info about obtaining ISRCs if you want to register your recordings with a recording rights PRO. It’s often free to do so.

ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code and they are used to identify individual recordings for the purpose of calculating sales numbers and radio airplay etc. You imbed them into your digital recording and they can be helpful for your recording rights PRO to identify usage in order to help calculate royalties that you are owed from radio stations etc. The first five letters of your ISRC is usually assigned to you by your recording rights PRO. Where I am, in the UK that is PPL. I think the equivalent in Russia is VOIS (though someone else might be able to confirm that).
Once you get your five letters, you can then assign the ISRCs to your recordings yourself when you master your music. The format is AB-ABC-12-12345 (without the hyphens). AB is your country code / ABC is your unique code / 12 is the registration year / 12345 is whatever numbering strategy you wish to use for your individual tracks.

Music distribution services like Distrokid will also provide ISRCs when they distribute your music to streaming sites, but I’m not certain whether those are recognised outside of the platforms in which they operate. (Again, maybe someone else will know more about this, or it might be worth asking the question.) - Edit: Just sent DistroKid a quick email about it and they told me the codes that they create are valid everywhere.


Soundcloud pays royalties like any other streaming service, isrc/iswc is not mandatory but can be provided, but the number needs to be acquired from your PRO where the track has been registered to

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Many thanks, colleague, for such an exhaustive answer!
No, of course, this field is optional. It just seemed to me that I saw something like this on AudioJungle. I thought that these codes were immediately assigned to each track there.
Thank you again!