Suggestion: Original Song Names and ISRC

Hi all, whenever I upload a song that is also available in consumer markets (iTunes etc) I run into this dilemma:

I want to give a descriptive item name like “Inspiring bla” but I also want to keep the original song title in there. So I think during upload it would be great to have a second title field for “original song title” and maybe also for the artist and ISRC codes.

Like this it would be possible to search original song titles and also certain songs by code… since AudioJungle has opened up for PRO authors, this could be really helpful!!


Agreed 100% - If Envato is basically making it so we have to play the “how many tags can i cram in a title” game to compete, at least they could give us a separate section for an “actual title”. Registering all these tag titles in my PRO is a complete mess and it’s impossible to remember what is what.

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Original song title field is a great idea. How much work could that be? It does not even need to be searchable, just a field to have for PRO registration and for the simple reason that it would make AJ look more professional to customers.

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Also - as I understand it - PRO titles must be permanent, meaning that if one changes track titles in order to maximize AJ search potential, its existing PRO registration basically goes out the window. (Please correct me if I’m misinformed.)

The UK PRS allows you to provide alternative titles.


It’s an interesting point, I never thought about it. If I upload a PRO protected song, let’s call it “Rainy Day” but on AJ I give another title, let’s say “Emotional Piano Background” … I am wondering if my PRO will ever claim anything on this song because they cannot find a connection to the title. On youtube this may work by content ID or so but on any other public use of the song the PRO might be bypassed.

Bumping this thread, as I’d like to second the ISRC code idea.

My solution is to just name the zip file with the original song name, the files inside the zip with the original song name and register that with my PRO.
When I upload to audiojungle i add my lovely tag name as the name and that’s it.
If you are lucky enough to have your customer register your work they will almost 100% of the time refer to the name on the file they are using. I find it highly unlikely they will remember the audiojungle name.

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ISRC codes should use the original “Poetic Title” and not the bogus keyword titles here like upbeat pop inspired hip hop motivation

This is just my opinion, but I find it easier to recall and recognize poetic titles as opposed to KEYWORDY titles when releasing to digital streaming services for personal listening.

ISRC codes really do not impact the work we do here on AJ from my perspective. IRSC codes do not lead to PRO royalties, but they do lead to royalties paid by spotify and apple music, etc - and also digital and streaming radio like pandora and music choice.

If anyone believes ISRC codes help increase PRO royalties, I’d be interested in learning about that. I am just not seeing it translate to the PRO statements. CD baby, TUNECORE, Distro Kid etc, will generate ISRC codes for our tracks if we chose to release consumer albums through those services. The ISRC code is the code used to match stream counts to the code and title of the track. We seem to earn around 0.0001 to 0.0004 cents per stream from what I’ve seen.

If you make a Broadcast TV placement with a generic title you can always create a “also known as” title to the original registered “poetic title” or just register the keywordy title too to be safe.

Yep, Envato really messed this up years ago by designing a search engine that only favors title. Another example of how we all told them how this was going to be a night mare but they simply said “we don’t give a sheet what you guys think”. Kind of like the banner ad and $5 tracks and rampant self buying and cheating from numerous popular files authors.

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My solution is to just name the zip file with the original song name, the files inside the zip with the original song name and register that with my PRO.

Interesting workaround, just I think the ZIP will be renamed due to Envatos guidelines.

100% agree!! Even if you remember the Envato song title, let’s say “Inspiring Corporate”, you will find hundreds of songs with identical titles :smiley:

I don’t know which PRO you are in, but when I register songs with the German PRO, I can enter an ISRC (e.g. from Distrokit or my Label). This helps the PRO to identify songs when they are used, no matter if airplay, streaming or physical reproduction.