Audiojungle song titles - invoice suggestion

Hi! Many audiojungle authors have their music submited to AdRev and PRO organisations. Tracks on Audiojungle have generic names so they can be found in searches, and as the search engine changes, authors also change titles to adapt. What I would suggest to Envato is to include additional field in invoices, , something like "Original Title:____ " to avoid confusion when our clients wants to submit our music to PRO organisations or clear copyright claims with AdRev. That title would be constant regardless of changes in the title that is listed when you search for music on AJ. Authors that are non-exclusive also could have problems with this, a lot of other markets don’t allow you to use generic titles that are used all over the place, you must name your track with original title. Example: To dispute claim with AdRev, customer must include invoice from Audiojungle, and the title from invoice and the title of that track submited in AdRev database don’t match, this is eventually sorted out by AdRev staff but it’s confusing and could lead to mistakes. Same thing with PRO, and you could lose royaltyes if data provided is not correct. I don’t see title/search engine problem solved any time soon, so I think that would at least make things a bit simpler with copyrights.

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Your PRO should allow you to list other titles your song is known by. I know I can do this with ASCAP, not sure how it would work for others though.

Yeah, but I see authors changing existing old titles all the time here, and you can’t really blame them. I think this would be really nice solution, it requiers just one extra field when you upload track on Audiojungle, it could be optional, just for PRO or content id purposes.

I agree, it would be a good idea.

It’s actually sounds like a really good idea, @WaveToys
I think more authors should support this thread to implement your idea into reality

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