How and where upload my plugin?

Hi guys,
I’ve created my own plugin for wordpress, now I would like to sell that, how could I do? Should I use codecanyon and not themeforest?
If I sell that for 29€ hoe much will I earn ?
And what should I do for the license ? for now I write just:

I want also that it will be use for 1 web site


CodeCanyon Requirements:

CodeCanyon General File Preparation Guidelines:

how much you will earn you will be bale to see when you will set your item price. there is option to check.


All envato licenses are for one website per purchase by each user, but of course any number of people can buy the item so if could still be used in any volume of sites

As a new and exclusive author and using an item price of 29 (note prices are in not €) you would earn approx $15.62 per sale (this may vary with purchase from the US and tax treaties etc.)