Need help with uploading a WP plugin

I am trying to upload my first item ever to codecanyon. It’s a wordpress plugin. That is the link I am getting from CC dashboard to upload my item:

First weird thing is Extended License pricing - I am getting $600 fee and recommended price of $2200+ which is ridiculous for a plugin, but when I try to set my Item price to $1000 (or event $100) to get close to target I am getting a hint saying it’s too high. If I ignore and press Upload it says it can not find Theme files and that theme preview is required which makes me think I am not using proper category or link (since I am trying to upload a plugin, not theme), but I don’t see a way to change it.

I guess it’s a noob question, but I am stuck. Please help.


The link you’re trying to use it’s not correct, it should be:✓&type=wordpress

The one you’re using it’s for ThemeForest (for themes).


This is it, you’re right. The Envato’s “Become an author” wizard fails to redirect in the end, and that was the link I got from the dashboard. Thanks!

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The journey continues. I thought I uploaded it, at least I got a confirmation screen (which I did not save), but no email, and I can not find it anywhere on my More than a week passed with no response and now I am not even sure they received it for review. How can I check?

You can check this presentation how to upload a WP Plugin in codecanyon: