How about this flyer template

With respect this is miles off.

  • as with so many others asking for feedback here, using stock backgrounds and elements that can’t be included is a big obstacle

  • typography is all over the place esp hierarchy and font choices

  • layout and content is not properly aligned, positioned randomly with no consistency in terms of margins etc

  • much of the content esp the main title is not cohesive with the rest of the design

Other more experienced authors like @DesignSomething @ki-themes @flyerlicious may be able to add more


You need to learn graphic design basic principles.

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Agree with Design something.
It is in violence with All the basic rules.

  • Alignment
  • Color combinations
  • Typo
  • Hierarchy etc.

This one looks very amateurish.

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I think you all suggested good ones but this is the case:

There’s nothing any designer could do in 3-4 minutes on the item, if you don’t spend couple of hours on the design, no one would bother to buy it.

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