HipHop sampling rights

I was wondering a while about rights to sample something and sell it on audiojungle as composition. I thought sampling was prohibited but when I check the most selling and trending HipHop songs, they are almost all sampled from something. My question is, where is the boundary between what I can sample and what I can not. Google search didnt help when I tried to searching sampling and audiojungle.
What about sample libraries? (sampling royalty free sample is ok?), and what about other completed songs. What if I sample it a way that it will be almost unrecognizable. What if someone in the future will get where the sample comes from and I will have troubles.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

You can ABSOLUTELY NOT sample in the way you are describing - sample other music. You will get banned, sued, or worse. :wink:

The samples you hear come from sample packs or they made them themselves.

How do you know the trending hip-hop songs are sampled? It’s quite easy to make it sound like that yourself. They probably do use samples from sample packs, but someone made those…

To sum up, they are not from old vinyl records (unless someone bought full rights to obscure songs to sell as samples). If they are, they will be removed.

Royalty Free Sample from sample packs is totally fine, they were made for this purpose

Great, thank you. That was what I was thinking. Also, is okay to use for example unedited vocal chop or percussion loop from royalty free sample, use it in composition, resell on audiojungle? I heard some stuff on audiojungle that are just samples glued together, unedited, layerd with bass guitar and properly mixed. Which is kinda cheating for me so where is the boundary? Alot of people can buy sample packs, use the loops to make a track and just add a bassline to them. (ArtIss does that alot and he has no problems and has good sales)

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Yes that’s allowed. But for me, i always edit the sounds whether pitching it down, lower the tempo, or chop the sample to get it different. I had a bad experience in using sample unedited in a song.
Someone used the same sample and register the music in Content ID. My track then can’t be monetized and can’t be sold in any marketplace.

Lower the tempo, and it’s done.

Thank you for response and while we are at it can you answer me one more question please? Do I need to be P.R.O. affiliated to register music under content ID? (getting money from views when my music is used and so on). Im asking because you are saying something about registering music but I dont see u r PRO affiliated.

Nope, they are two completely different things. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: I need to dive deeper into it because last time I tried to Content ID my track, youtube responded that I dont match some criteria and I thought that was because I was not PRO affiliated.

That’s because Youtube doesn’t let individuals apply directly to ContentID. You need to apply through a third party such as AdRev (which unfortunately doesn’t accept “royalty-free” music anymore, though some authors have managed to slip through), or Audiam, muserk,…