AJ Hip Hop Sampling


Hello AJ community, I’m interested in discussing about the tracks as we know “Vlog Hip Hop” or “boom bap” with the characteristic of having 70’s soul/pop music sampled into multiple chops and slices. Do you think there can be copyright/clearance issues with is or if you make this style of music you just rely on the fact that the samples end up unrecognizable? I know you can pick royalty free samples individually (from a sample library like splice) and chop them to match the genre. I hear that being the case sometimes, but I also hear in some tracks that the chops are most likely to be real music. I hope to read your thoughts about it.

Thanks, and keep making music every day !


Well, it’s not a matter of recognizable samples or not. If any portions of a track comes from uncleared samples, then it’s illegal.

I’m pretty sure that some people don’t care and do it anyway, but I strongly suggest to stay away from any uncleared samples, just to be safe. :slight_smile:


I am producing this genre of music and I would never ever sample vinyls (have never done that) for instance.
I only use “fake” samples that I create myself, or use royalty free samples from good editors such as Raw Cutz (some people sell you “sample packs” and pretend they are royalty free but they are not cleared).


How do you create them? I checked out your music and the samples sound great (as well as the tracks)!



I somehow “sample” myself. For instance, I play some cool jazzy rhodes chords, then I add some effects, to make the sound a bit more, well, vintage, old, you see (EQ, noise, saturation), then I export as a wave file, and use it as if I had chopped a sample off a vinyl.

I also do that with the “pre made” samples I use: I add effects to them, pitch them up or down, add EQ, saturation, and often cut them and reassemble them.

This is a bit time consuming but is fun to do.


Great workflow I must say)
I’ll try it)


I just got this track approved where I layered up some piano and strings chords and then chopped the audio. Its hard to get the same sounds and vibe you get from sampling real music, but well, it is completely your own work. for vocals and scratch I buy samples from Splice.


Sounds really nice!! I am currently looking for some good voices and scratches… I love what you did with the filtering and stereo panning in this track, well done :slight_smile:


Thank you !!